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A Guide To Local SEO Services Pricing

Pricing is always such an ugly topic when it comes to SEO, and especially Local SEO services pricing. When dealing with Local clients, money typically is not overflowing from their business checking accounts looking for a home with your search marketing services.

As a quality marketing shop we think pricing should be last on our client’s mind: our shiny results and amazing customer service are worth it, right?!?!? Unfortunately, local SEO costs are typically the first thing on a local business owner’s mind.

Let’s get a couple things straight. We hate the terms costs, pricing, spend, and any other synonyms. What we do like is “invest” and “return”.  We want business owner’s to know you invest in search engine optimization for the long term gains and returns – you do not call us 20 days after signing up to complain you have not gotten any leads.

On the reverse, if we are running PPC campaigns or Facebook advertising you should expect to see results start flowing in fairly soon.

The best local niche authority directories to submit your business to are all run by humans and all take a few months to process requests.  Creating new content and social media accounts all take time and it takes even more time for Google to pick up on new links, contents, profiles and more.

Let’s break down exactly how your money get’s spent on Local SEO – and to make it even and simple we will use a $100 monthly budget which is very low and you will see how it gets spent quick.

  1. Directory Submissions
  2. On Page SEO Work
  3. Local Link Building
  4. Content Creation
  5. SEO data process

Directory Submissions

Submitting your local citations “by hand” is something every good Local SEO company should do.  While some cloud based software/services like Yext can be useful, they don’t take your business niche into consideration and just list you at their 50 partners. Submitting manual local listings to top directories over time builds up your local authority and indicates to Google that you are constantly growing.

Pro tip: Start slow and always build more citations this month than the month before. This shows you are growing. Populate each local citation with as much “rich data” as possible to get your listings to rank. Read this post on how to correctly build local business citations. 

Let’s say we build 30 listings per month at a rate of $2/listing which is below the industry average – that’s $60/mo out of our $100 budget right there.  After 10-12 months you should have about 300 listings claimed and if you do right about 80% live and verified.

On Page SEO Work

Great search rankings these days depend on great On page structure and “optimization.” This means content, keywords, meta tags, Title tags, social meta info, images, videos, internal links and more.  Any experienced SEO knows that On page SEO is where it is at, and typically they charge a lot. Optimizing 1 web page can cost up to $100. Local SEO can be a little easier, but the on page fundamentals stay the same. The local business with the best on page works typically wins. Learning how to correctly optimize Title tags or improve SEO using images is a neat skill to have.

Optimizing 5 pages per month at a very low rate of $10/page equals about $50/mo  so now we are over our $100/mo budget. You can see how SEO work builds up quick and costs are typically justified.

We still have local link building, new content creation and more to do!!!!

$100 a month for Local SEO is VERY LOW.  A really good Local SEO professional should charge between $300-$700 per month for SEO services. Crush Local offers Local SEO pricing starting at $395/mo.

Conclusion on Local SEO Pricing

While pricing is always a tough topic and seems to be the only conversation some people want to have but better than hassle a local SEO company for the lowest pricing, ask them to break down how exactly your money gets spent and why.



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