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What is Crush Local SEO? It is Local search engine optimization customized to your business. Not your industry, not your niche. You. First, we start free. It is important to talk with a real local SEO expert versus a sales person. We don’t have sales people, only Local SEO professionals and marketers.  When you sign up for a Local SEO consultation with us you actually get one.  Click below to start free.

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At Crush Local SEO, we create personalized Local SEO and inbound marketing solutions for local business owners who want results. In just 30 Minutes we can show you how to get more leads from local search optimization. Plus, don’t forget about “off Google” traffic! Compliment your search marketing results with included online targeted local advertising. We are a US Based  Local SEO Company (headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina) helping local businesses around the world get more from their marketing efforts

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Before we discuss any pricing or local marketing strategies we may put in place, we want to get to know you – the person behind the business. Register your business for a completely cost-free, risk-free consultation and we will build your business a Free-Forever local business SEO optimized lead generating review site!

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What Makes Crush Local SEO Services Different?

We don’t claim to know any secret techniques or have any inside track to Google or it’s search engineers. What we do have is a team of Local search and marketing enthusiasts that have been building and optimizing local business websites for many years. Our localized SEO programs make sure your business gets found, gets reviews and get head by using the awesome power of Twitter.

What Can You Expect From Crush?

Good question. You can expect the following from our Local SEO team and combined SEO technologies:

Commitment to results

Manual, in-house, non-outsourced SEO work

Complete professional portfolio of local business citations

A trusted source of all things local search optimization. Ask us anything!

Premium, enterprise level tools used on your campaign

Lots more

 We are extremely competitive and want nothing more than to see you (us) succeed.

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Search Engine Optimization for Local Businesses

Local SEO Services for Small Business

We would love to get acquainted with your business. Local SEO in 2015 will be about three things: strong websites, an engaging business presence and promoting your fresh content. Now when people hear “content” they panic and think they need to start writing white paper and Amazon best selling eBooks, or even start blogging daily. This is not the case for the local business. Content can be reviews, content can be pictures of your products, content can be social media posts. So instead of posting a 2,000 word blog post you can get the same effect posting a few Tweets of Facebook posts. The trick is to find out what your audience wants. Maybe they want to read lots of reviews on your business, so posting local reviews gets your audience engaged and drives your rankings higher. If they want videos – make videos. If they are on Twitter – then Tweet! Keep it simple and fresh and make sure to always link back to your website. This drives search engines AND people to your website and gets you the traffic you want.

Google+ My Business Optimization

Google+ Optimization Services | Crush Local SEO

Our affordable Local SEO services are designed to get your business exactly what you need to to grow. We go out of our way to make sure you get results. Why? Because we are a young, hungry, growing company of Local Search engine optimization enthusiasts that want to do nothing more than rank lots of sites. We love it! Our plans are low cost to make sure you can get started, but as a company and team we reinvest in you with either more services, more effort, later hours, free support by email on any local marketing subject or deals on additional marketing services. Every month you are with us we push out cool add-ons, bonuses, and more to make sure you are excited and profitable in your local marketing efforts. Come on board – see how we are different. It’s Local SEO the simple way. Get exactly what you need at a fair price – then get more. Start with getting your local listing and maps up to date and correct, then add awesome review gathering tools and Twitter Marketing. Get in touch to find out more.

Our affordable Local SEO pricing was designed to get you the services you need to fit in your budget. Contact us today to learn more or sign up online to get started on driving local customers to your business today.