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Increase Local Rankings

How To Increase Local Rankings
Dominate your competition using our advanced local review automation system.

Get More Reviews

DOMINATE your competition using our premium local review automation system. We also make sure you TAKE OVER the first 3 pages of Google for your busi

Local Business Websites

Your business deserves a premium “smart” website that drives ROI and customer retention. We build those.
Local Business Websites
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Local Search Engine Optimization Services Explained

Local SEO Services That Deliver Results

Hi there! Welcome to Crush Local SEO. It is our mission to change the way you think about Local SEO – teach you as much as possible and show you how our unique program fits in nicely with your business and is designed to grow with you.  We’d like to get to know you!!! Thank you for being here.

We want to do nothing more than show off our Local SEO skills and drive profitable, local leads to your website.

SEO for Local Search | Crush Local


Get Complete Inbound Local Marketing – SEO, Social Media, Blogging and Reputation Marketing

“The best thing I have done for my business yet. When it comes to websites, search engines and what not I am completely lost, luckily the Crush Local team guided me through the process. What did I end up with? A perfect website for my Carpet & Tile Cleaning website, an optimized Google+ page and a 1st page Google listing for my carpet cleaning keywords.”

Local Marketing Services


Effective Local SEO

get your business optimized for local search

There are 3 types of SEO providers in today’s marketplace, and each one presents a unique set of pros and cons. There are large, publicly traded corporations with millions of customers, there are the small independent shops like ours focusing on personal service and attention and then there are freelancers who work independently often with very little overhead or resources.  Some companies like to work with the major corporations because they trust a brand name,  some people want more personalized service. One way is not better than they other – we happen to offer  a personalized service to fewer clients.

We submit your business to over 300 directories and local review sites, optimize your Google+ and Bing Listings and add our signature touch of Local SEO to each campaign. We even make additional expert suggestions for your website to increase rankings and conversions. For affordable Local SEO services, this is as full featured as you will get.

Expert HTML Improvements

We will completely analyze your business website and suggest specific improvements to your website that will help you increase your organic rankings for your website. We will also provide specific code snippets to implement to improve Local listing visibilty.

Google+ Optimization

Our team will create or claim your Google+ listing for your business and optimize it to show up high in search results for your business categories.

300+ local listings optimized

We make sure your business is listed perfectly across over 300 local listing websites, apps, maps and GPS systems.

YouTube placement

We create and rank videos featuring your business on YouTube, the #2 most searched website in the world. This claims your business yet another piece of prime digital real estate.

Review Grabber

We will provide a unique review promoting widget for your business website to help drive more reviews across all of your business listings. The goal is to spread out 5 star reviews evenly, don’t just stack Yelp or Google.

Content Marketing

We create and release content for your business to acquire premium backlinks to boost your ranking chances and provide a strong foundation to retain any rankings obtained for a long time.

Lead Capture Forms

We can also provide lead capture forms for your website to help drive more revenue. If your business does not have a lead capture form or just has a simple contact page, request a lead capture form from our support team.

Local Video Drives Sales

get more traffic from YouTube; more click throughs from Google

Video is the best way to reach your local customers. We will produce an awesome lead generation video for your business complete with a great call to action and your phone number. We will host it on your website AND on YouTube to get double exposure. A webpage with a video is 57x more likely to rank on Page 1. A customer is 80% more likely to remember your brand after watching a video.

Our Promise

We GUARANTEE your business to be expertly listed and prominently featured on every local lead generating website that matters.

Google, Foursquare, Facebook, Bing, Mapquest, Apple Maps + 300 more

We guarantee complete expert white hat local SEO services that will increase your visibility, reduce your risk of search engine penalties, protect you against future algorithm changes and more. We are interested in letting more people in your area know about your business and be so impressed with your online presence they call you for more information or stop by your storefront.

**Note: All programs are 12 months and renewable annually. We want to work with you for the long term. We are not a wham, bam thank you ma’am, nice-to-know-ya, move-on-down-the-road type of agency. If you don’t want to commit then why should we? We have built a local marketing services power system that is built to save you money however if you do not think you will be in business 12 months from now, SEO is not the right investment for you to make right now.

Our Services Explained

Local SEO has changed along with the rest of optimization. Most people don’t think about it but there are many different “verticals” in Google search and Local is just one of them. Some of the others include webpages/articles, images, news, videos and more.

Get the most important pages on your website ranked for the most profitable keywords in your niche+city.

Month 1

Crush Local SEO is a comprehensive program to help local businesses get more visibility on local search engines, get more traffic to their website or local profile and ultimately get more customers.

On Site Error Correction:

Your Local SEO campaign will include a complete website audit and SEO review.  This will be included at no charge, along with keyword research and competition research. You will be given a complete On Page SEO recommendation report outlining exact steps for your web developer to take to increase your rankings.

This will include:

  • Immediate error correction
  • Content recommendations
  • Design/Conversion recommendations

Google+ Optimization:

We start with Google+, optimizing your Google+ profile according to both Google standards and based on what you’re currently ranking competition is doing.  Our goal is to create a perfectly optimized Google+ page for your business and assist you in collecting more 5 star reviews.

Social and PR Package

We make sure your business is represented on the cream of the crop social media, PR and other related news sites. This establishes your brand as legit and safe and ready for Google to send customers to.

Monthly Ongoing

Brand Awareness:

Your brand is important. Have you claimed your brand across the most important social media sites? Or has someone else? We go out and claim all of the profiles we can with your brand name and post a link back to your website when possible.

Local Directory Claiming:

Over 12 months your business will need to be signed up and verified on over 300 local directory, local apps, and mapping/GPS systems.  Only by being listed 100% correctly across these directories will you be able to rank high on local search.

Rich Media Citations:

A rich media citation is what is called an “unstructured” citation because they are placed on websites that are not specifically created as a “local directory”.  An example is posting a video on YouTube and adding your business information to the video description.  Rich media indicates a type of content more than just text: video, pictures, infographics, slideshows, PDFs, etc.

Link Building

We build authoritative links to your website from niche relevant websites that are already trusted by Google. This passes that trust onto your site and in turn helps you rank better. Link  building is very important for SEO and doing it right is even more important. For more on correct link building strategies for 2015 click here.

What will this do for you?

Follow all of our instructions and recommendations on your website and let us handle spreading your brand and influence around the web and you will see an increase in keyword rankings, website traffic, phone calls and leads.

Ok, So How Much?

We only provide one service for the most serious of local business owners and our standard retainer fee is $2,000/mo. Contact Us to see if we have openings. This service includes:

  • Local SEO
  • Guest Post link building
  • Blog writing & Management
  • Social media content writing
  • Reputation Management (full Birdeye account included)